exploring Spain and Portugal



by Ellen Reter


Here are some historic dishes to really tempt the palate.

Lobster Paella

paella is a regional dish prepared with a red sauce base in which rice is cooked with regional variations such as pork, fish, lobster, clams, muscles, ect



Whole shrimp

Spanish favorite: the providence of Huelva speciality



Quince Paste (known as membrillo) and Yogurt

think a cross between a pear and apple



Shoulder of Lamb

in its entirety


Cold Bread, Tomato, Lemon Salad




ceviche is made of raw or acid cooked fish with lemon along with local ingredients

this particular ceviche was cream and lemon based




fried balls of regional ingredients

these croquettes were (1) goat cheese and spinich, (2) ham and cheese, (3) cuttlefish and ink



many regional variations of paellas



Garlic Soups




Grilled Squid



Stone-Grilled Steak Embedded in Garlic


Traditional Breakfast of Huelvan Ham on Fresh Bread with Tomato Paste and Oil

the Huelvan ham is a specially dried ham trademarked by the Spanish province of Huelva


Legs of Dried Ham

I mean, thats just impressive



Flan, Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, a Special Coffee Egg cake, a Cookie cake



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